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Rebuilding a Brain After Chronic Inflammation

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1. My Letter to God

When everything is lost, there’s not much else but to let go and surrender and see what God has to say. Read more >

2. Battle for My Old Self

The battle had been won but the closer I edged toward the Sarah of my past, the more elusive she became. Ghost-like, familiar, an old friend, and yet, she was a complete stranger. Read more >

3. Mending Mental Cracks

You see, I still have cracks. My physical ones are mending, the mental cracks are still there. Read more > 

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A collection of stories about my recovery from brain injury. I hope you can find something in these pages that help you in your own journey.

New excerpt

Enjoy my latest excerpt of my new project, haphazardly titled, Book 2021. Sarah Saturday, January 2Fatigue: 6Pain: 3Slept intermittently, pulling my blankets off and on all night as my body failed to thermoregulate.At 9 a.m. I sat down for a final read through of my...

I think my doctor is trying to kill me

He won’t see it that way, and it’s not true, but it certainly feels like it  At the start of the year, I launched my Patreon account, I was all ready to go with sharing my writing progress on my new book, and then I started a new IV treatment.I spend the last two...

My new* secret* project

Last October, I read The Diary of a Bookseller by Shaun Bythell. It is a hilarious, black humour-style account of running a book shop in Scotland in a time when book shops are closing due to a shift in the market to online retail.  The story is simultaneously sad and...

And so it begins…

I never intended to write a blog. Or a book. Or two. It just happened. I learned rather fast, recently at the age of 30 after a brain injury and now a chronic illness, that's how life goes. I welcome the first, of many, I hope, to my community. I want this friendship...

It Takes a Village

It Takes a Village

If my fundraiser is successful, my search for a diagnosis will take another step forward. Why is asking for help so hard?

A Woman Wearing Crocs

A Woman Wearing Crocs

I long for a sense of peace to wipe the dismal feeling that’s settled across my heart. How can I accept what the days bring and hold onto hope for recovery?

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