Healing My Brain, My Way Part 1


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An honest, compelling account about a woman’s battle to reclaim her life after a devastating brain injury.

When Sarah Rasborsek crossed the finish line at a triathlon race, she believes she’s suffered a case of heat stroke. The next morning, she knows something is wrong. By the end of the week, her brain shuts down: Sarah is unable to drive, work or function in her roles as business owner, triathlete, club president and community organizer. Her world has become unrecognizable.

She is consumed by desperation and fear that her life will never improve until a chance encounter with one of her blog readers gives Sarah hope that her body and mind can heal. That conversation points her in a new direction, and Sarah begins to trust that she will find a way. 

In this insightful and dignified diary of resilience and hope, Sarah shares the tru-er reality of life with an acquired brain injury (ABI), Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME/CFS) and post traumatic stress, conditions where the expectation of recovery is often discouraged.

With courage and tenacity, Sarah takes her healing into her own hands. She trusts her own judgement and intuition to put together a team of therapists to help her out of her labyrinth of symptoms, and in the process becomes a new version of herself.

Please note this is a novella (mini-book) of 15,000 words. 

ISBN: 978-0-6489808-0-3

Imprint: Independently published

Format: ebook PDF

Page Numbers: 90

Language: English

Available: 15 September 2020

This book is part 1 in the series. Part 2 coming soon.


About the Author

Sarah Rasborsek is author of the blog The Recovery Chronicles. Sarah manages her own digital marketing agency Inertia Digital Group. Sarah was an Australian representative at the 2017 World Triathlon Age Group Championships. She lives in Sydney, Australia. Healing My Brain, My Way Part 1 Summer is her first book.


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